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I'm conflicted on how to rate this one. After thinking about it more feels like 2.5 stars and going by how I felt and the Goodreads rating system I will round up to the 3 stars meaning:

3 stars - it means 'it really was ok, not very good, but I don't want to say mostly bad, either'.

This is one of the few times in which the Hero, Leo, was more annoying than the Heroine,Nora. Yes, she had issues and she did some dumb shit - but you know what that's part of growing up and self discovery. I found myself really rooting for Nora.
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I wanted her to succeed. I found her strength, vulnerability, and quirkiness endearing. I hated though how she was always after him. I'm all for going after what you want but come on, have some pride too. I hated that at the end she still needed to push him. After everything he put her through, IMO he needed to come to her. That almost rounded the book down to 2 stars.

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I understood where he was coming from but I found him weak and lacking. There were many positive attributes to his character but his constant back and forth and and the whole thing Tiffani just didn't sit well with me. I often found myself thinking: he's 25? I found Nora's actions more mature than his as the story progressed. I actually wanted her with either Sebastian (loved him!!!) and even Drew. Their relationship became an insta-love story gone bad. His actions cause me not to believe they were soulmates as they referred to themselves. Nope.

This author shows promise and I would read more of work in the future. Also, I do want to add, that what bothered me about Leo may not bother other readers- it's a personal thing. I'd encourage others to give this book a try.