Knock Love Out - Pella Grace This one is a bit hard to rate because there wasn't anything necessarily wrong with it. This was me during the first half of the book before she left her husband
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I felt that the first half the story was realistically written. There are many women out there that have felt this way in their relationships or marriages. Feeling unappreciated, invisible, and resentful. Did I agree with her wanting to have an affair no, but I can understand where she wanted to be noticed by a man. What woman doesn't feel flattered when she's noticed? I felt the author did a great job bringing Lilla's feelings forward.

Cash Valentine. He is passionate and selfless. He's a successful artist that works for free for his father's floundering grocery store. It is while working there that he first meets Lilla. I thought their time together was wonderfully written. You felt their passion, sadness, and hope. I enjoyed reading him almost teaching her to find herself again.

Then the during the second half after she's left her husband. I started to feel like this:
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IMO, the writing changed. It wasn't bad but I didn't enjoy it as much. I didn't find the humor funny and the secondary characters kind of annoyed me. Although they were also there in the first half, they played more of a part as the story progressed. The story started to lose me and I did find myself skimming when Heath and company came around. I just thought to myself why is she adding all this juvenile humor??? I enjoyed the more serious tone the book had in the first half.

Overall it was an enjoyable read and would still recommend it. What bothered me may not bother others. Plus I would recommend it for the first half alone. 3.5 stars.