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Although I enjoyed the book I had a big problem with Claire. I did feel bad for her. My mom was cheated on and I saw how difficult it was for her to pick up the pieces after- so I was sympathetic to her annoying insecurities. Plus, when things came together at the end it was more understandable to justify some of her actions. Even still though- I just really had a hard time liking her. She was so immature. I found the way she treated Jonathan was too much. I began to wonder why this great guy even wanted to be with her. The straw that broke the camel's back came towards the end though. Don't read this next bit if you plan to read this book. So in the end, while she's dating someone else (Damian) she sees the error of her ways and asks Jonathan to take her back. He tells her his condition, she doesn't do it and continues to stay with Damian even though she knows she loves Jonathan and continues to try to see him even after she failed to do as he asked.
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After everything she went through. Didn't she think it was wrong to continue to stay with Damian? To lead him on? I don't care that they weren't "sleeping" together. It was still a "romantic" relationship or so she led him to believe. What she should have done is that same night she asked Jonathan to take her back- even though things still hadn't worked out- she should've gotten a separate room from Damian and broken things off with him. Didn't she think it was fucked up to continue to stay with him while she's trying to get back Jonathan? She's doing all these things behind Damian's back. Isn't that in a way "cheating"? The book was about this woman who was wronged by her cheating husband and best friend, yet here she was acting this way. I found it very selfish. It just didn't go with the story line. That whole thing subtracted a star for me.

I think the author is talented and I did find the book entertaining. The end just kind of ruined the book for me---> I don't want to worry anyone that wants to read this. This is a stand alone, there's no cliffy and it has a HEA. I didn't like the end for personal reasons. 2.5 Stars.