Naughty Bits - Selena Kitt Well, I feel like I should feel like this:
photo tumblr_lbzv2wy8b41qztfl0_zps20f0d621.gif
for reading and enjoying a book about sibling sexcapades.

But I don't.
photo tumblr_m0wbjgOfpS1qbzqexo1_500_zps7ff95311.gif

Is it a deep story? No

There were many moments that I felt:
photo tumblr_lhykd7xbkr1qejblto1_500_zpsee4c8ea1.gif

But my oh so dirty mind couldn't help but feel:
photo ladiesiamaroused_zpsc0db6be5.gif

I would recommend this book for people looking for a fun straight up smut story. If you're bothered by incest, there is a revised version available where they are step siblings.

If you decide to give it a try- have fun and don't worry- I won't tell...
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Thank you for the Buddy Read Haven Girls ♥