Walking Disaster - Jamie McGuire Travis!
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3.5 stars. Did I enjoy this book a lot? Yes. Did I love it? No.

I had a really hard time connecting with Abby's character. She came across as immature, cold, and just plain clueless. I often wondered why Travis was so in love her. the fact that she never noticed when he opened the door for her, really irked me. He was so sweet to her all the time and she just seemed so cold sometimes.. I don't know, maybe I just love Travis' character too much and I'm protective of him.

Other than Abby, I really enjoyed it. Travis is one my favorite book boyfriends and I loved being in his head. He was even more sweet and fragile in this one. No matter what he always put Abby first. He was her knight in shiny armor. Love him.

It's sad to see this story end, but I look forward to great things from this author.