If You Stay - Courtney Cole If You Stay is the story Pax and Mila. Pax is the asshole bad boy, who abuses drugs and uses women. Except he's not. He is a broken man who abuses drugs and uses women to dull his pain.

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When the two meet they are immediately drawn to each other. Mila, is innocent and sweet- and soon becomes his light. She gives him hope that he can overcome his demons. Soon after meeting her he searches for the answers that will help him to become the man he never he he'd be or deserved to be. I wish I could write more but that would spoil their story.

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Their journey is written in a way that is believable. It never felt rushed or forced. It was pure and their feelings for one another were felt on every page. Their story moved me to tears. I would definitely recommend this book. It's not your typical bad boy book and I think the blurb doesn't it do it justice. 5 moving stars ♥

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