Dangerous to Know & Love - Jane Harvey-Berrick photo tumblr_mgewbgPG1G1rjj2e8o1_500_zpsdf794476.gif

Dangerous to Know & Love is a beautiful coming of age story. In this book we have Daniel and Lisanne. The two meet when they're in college and are assigned to be in a group together. Daniel is stereotyped around school as "badass, womanizer" and Lisanne is the naive, sheltered girl who is away from home for the first time.

I don't want to delve into the story too much because it will ruin the book for any future reader. I just want to say the characters and the dialogue are written beautifully. Daniel and Lisanne come from such different backgrounds but they complimented each other perfectly. In each other they find the perfect balance. This story was funny, heartbreaking, sexy, and at the end I was moved to tears.

This is a beautiful inspiring story. Jane Havey-Berrick you have done it again. I can't wait to read more of your future books!