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Lately when I read a book that doesn't have any heat, it really disappoints me. I'll admit it- I am an unapologetic smut lover. Monica Alexander books though, are some of the few books I know going in it won't have smut, but it's ok because the story won't disappoint me.

I was excited to read Ryan was getting his own story. After Watch the Fireworks, I felt bad for him. He definitely got the short end of the stick. In this story we get to find out his back story and meet the girl he loved in the past, Harper. I loved Harper. She was strong, witty, funny. I liked how her character was written. I always a enjoy a strong female lead. In fact, she could've taught Ryan a thing or two. Thank you for not having him cheat on Trish after what happened with Courtney. I was wondering how their triangle was going to work itself out. I wished Ryan had a bit more backbone but understood why he didn't.

The story also had strong secondary characters. Brandon, Kelly, Julian, and Devin were loyal and only wanted their friend's happiness. Then there were also the evil parents- excluding Harper's father of course. What they did was disgusting and it broke my heart.

Once again Monica Alexander has written a great story. It was nice to read Harper and Ryan get their HEA after all suffering they endured. Last night I only meant to read for a little bit, but ended reading the whole thing in one sitting. I love when a story demands it not be put down. I do have a challenge for Ms. Alexander: I think she could add some steam to her stories. I know there's a dirty girl in there- she hinted at it in this book. Come on, give us some steam in your next story :)

P. S. Can we get Brandon's story next? Seeing as he has man whore tendencies, it would make sense for his story to have steam. Right? :)