Come Away With Me (With Me in Seattle, #1) - Kristen Proby 2 stars. This book started off very strong but then it just lost me. He was too perfect and the book got very repetitive. I don't even know how many times I read the word "beautiful" in this book. I didn't mind that the story was simple - I actually enjoy a quiet, straight up story but this story was missing something. I also thought this story needed more than one p.o.v. Maybe then story would've had more fire. I will say though that the story did flow well and can see lots of potential. I'll still read her next book and see what happens.

Me at the beginning excited to start reading it:
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Me in the middle hoping the story would pick up some:
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Towards the end it wasn't that bad I guess:
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Just feel bad I didn't love it like I hoped cus there really were some pretty good parts.
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