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The Fifth Favor is the story of Billie and Adrian. Billie, is a 33 year old reporter who is writing a story about male gigolos for Illicit magazine. For her story she is going to interview a highly sought out male escort by the name of Adrian. They are immediately attracted to each other, but the circumstances surrounding them prevents them from pursuing a relationship.

Billie, has recently gone through a difficult break up and is afraid of opening herself to what she feels will only end in heartbreak. As a MC, I found Billie to be a breath of fresh air. I found her to be fragile yet strong. She was never afraid to call Adrian out on his actions.

Adrian, is a 28 year old man who has been an escort since the tender age of twenty. He finds himself at a cross roads, and feels trapped and unwilling to leave his job. I don't think he fully realized how dissatisfied he felt until he met Billie and the suicide of his friend. During the book,he is leading a double life- as he has never come clean to his family about what he does. I found Adrian's character to be complex and enjoyed reading how much depth Ms Reed put into him.

It is often hard to find an erotic tale that has depth but this story certainly fit the bill. I found myself rooting for this couple from the get go. 4.5 beautiful, sensual stars.