Bullet (Bullet, #1) - Jade C. Jamison I'm sorry but I did not love this book. I'm going to be the minority because of the way the end was written.
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This was a 5 star read for most of the book. I really appreciate how much time the author took with this story. I loved that it took place over a long period of time. Loved that it was realistic. As I mentioned before this was a five star read until the end. It went from 5 to 2.

In this book we are put through the ringer. There are basically three men in Valerie's life. Ethan, Clay, and Brad.

Ethan. I felt no sympathy for him. He treated Val like shit.I know what it's like to be w./ an addict and in that sense felt a connection with Val. Yes, it was annoying that she kept going back but I know from first hand experience how hard it is to walk away. We read about Ethan for what felt like about 88-90% of the story.

Clay. Clay helps her find about a bit about herself and teaches how to be in a healthier relationship. We read about him for maybe 7-10%.

As I'm reading I keep checking the percentage. When I'm in the 80s- I'm getting scared. Where's Brad? This is the point in the story when things should be wrapping up. My friend said it has a HEA. 90%...nothing.91, 92, 93, 94, 95,96,97...98%. That's right, it wasn't until 98% that they finally got together.
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Only 2% of Val and Brad's relationship. 2% of them really being together.
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The end was just so rushed for me. I wanted to read about what they said to each other when they declared their feelings. About the first time they were together intimately after her marriage ended. I wanted to read about the strong woman she'd become. I wanted to read about Brad being her rock. The author took the time to be so detailed about everything else in the story that for the end to be rushed that way simply ruined the book for me.

Please don't get me wrong beside the rushed end- the writing is amazing. It was great story of self discovery and self growth. I loved reading about the life of an up and coming band. All this made the end all the more frustrating. I felt cheated.