On the Island - Tracey Garvis-Graves I loved everything about this book. So glad I took a chance.

**Several months later.
As I was suggesting this book to a friend I realized I didn't leave much of a review. I had just joined GR at that time, and felt weird writing one. Still do but little by little have gotten more comfortable. To my original craptastic review I would like to add what a great written book this is. I couldn't believe this was someone's first novel. It was beautiful, romantic, and sensual. I bought not knowing anything about it and being kind of skeptical. I decided I would read one chapter at the end of the night to get a feel for it.In the end I stayed up all night reading. The story of TJ and Anna is one I'll always remember.

Me at the beginning:

Me in the middle- unable to stop reading:

So go read it :)