Lost - Varian Krylov Lost is a story about a father, a son, and a daughter stranded on a deserted island. Cat, the daughter becomes curious about sex and wants her brother, Derek, to teach her. Derek tries to resist her- although he desires her. As time passes they give in. Then there's the father, Victor. His actions at the end...I just didn't undertand them or should say condone them. Cat's curiosity caused them all in the end to truly lose themselves and felt like they longer cared to be rescued. Had they lost their way by giving in to their baser desires or had they simply adapted and accepted their fate?

Lost is a highly charged sexual short story. It's a story of incest that will push your boundaries. I just wished it had been longer. I kind of felt like it just ended. I would recommend it to those who enjoy taboo stories. This story is not for everyone but if you have an open mind- then this one is for you. 4 stars because of the abrupt end.