The Education of Caroline (The Education of..., #2) - Jane Harvey-Berrick The Education of Caroline
The Education of Caroline takes place ten years after Caroline and Sebastian were torn apart. Sebastian is now in the marines and Caroline is a journalist. At first, Sebastian was hurt and angry believing Caroline had never searched for him- as he had searched for her.

I never hated you, Caro, although I tried, I really fucken tried. But I just couldn't do it. - Sebastian

They decided to give their love another chance. They began their journey in Switzerland and finished in Italy as they had planned 10 years earlier. There, they realized that their love for one another had never waned.

I haven't changed how I feel. I still love you - I've always loved you. It's only ever been you. - Sebastian

The second half of the book takes place in Afgahnistan and together they face a violent world.

It was the most extraordinary feeling, riding that wave together. In some ways it was a metaphor for the life we were starting on. Who knew when we'd we fall. But by trusting each other and moving as one, the ride would be longer.
- Caroline

Their love scenes were fiery, scorching, sultry, but also loving.

And left me:

By the end of the story I was I was gushing-
I loved it so much.

The story of Caroline and Sebastian is one I will always treasure. It's a story of forbidden love and second chances. This is simply a must read.

Well done Ms. Harvey-Berrick.