The Proposal - Katie Ashley photo OK_zpse3e36706.gif
It was alright. In The Proposal, we continue Aidan and Em's story. After majorly screwing up in The Proposition Aidan fights to win Em back. Although, I wish we'd gotten to read about the calls, texts, and flower sending immediately after what he did. I would've raher read about that than Casey's wedding and the plane ride back for the birth. I'm on the fence about what to rate this book. The book wasn't bad; the book just didn't excite me. I think another GR friend (Elaine) said it best: the story would have worked best (for me) if book 1 & 2 were just one longer story. I loved The Proposition but The Proposal began to drag for me and I found myself skimming a bit at around the 70% mark.
I would still recommend the book because what I didn't enjoy would probably be o.k for others. I look forward for more from this author.