Rocked Under (Rocked, #1) - Cora Hawkes 2.5 stars. *********This review contains possible spoilers******

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This book had loads of potential but Emma's character truly frustrated me and made me want to pull my hair out. She was so annoying. Everytime she questioned Scott's actions I wanted to scream. There were multiple times in the story where he has all but begged her to be with him and she always shot him down. It was so irritating that she wouldn't talk to him about her fears of getting involved in a relationship with him. At 86% she was released from the hospital and she finds out Scott was there the whole time. What is the first thing she asks:

"Why would he do that?

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Really?! Come on now! Maybe it's because he cares about you?

This book just kept on repeating itself over and over and over...I'm going to stop now because I don't want to get any meaner. I feel bad even for writing this review but I have to be honest. I must be a glutton for punishment though because I'll probably read book 2. I've already started this journey with Emma and Scott so I might as well see where it takes them. Hope Emma is stronger in book 2 and will be more open to taking chances.