Wanted - Kelly Elliott 3.5 Stars. I really, really wanted to love this book because it had so much potential. I'm not one to gripe about the editing (because I suck at grammar too) but in this case it was kind of bad and for that took a star off. The mistakes were so obvious it didn't allow the story to flow because it made you stop to re- read. I kind of wish she had left out Ari and Jeff's POV's and just saved it for their book- after all wasn't this book about Ellie and Gunner? Also, the cursing. I have a potty mouth but there were times that I cringed because it just felt out of place. It was unnecessary. I did enjoy the dual POV and I really did like the story. I did read a lot of potential and I think all these things are just a matter of editing. I would definitely read other books by Kelly Elliott.