Tatiana and Alexander - Paullina Simons I enjoyed the first book and was excited to read the second one. Unfortunately it didn't measure up. This book suffered from something I am not a fan of: too many flash backs. I gripe about books being rushed all the time - sadly this book was the complete opposite. It was too much. I found myself skimming over quite a few of the flash backs. I kept asking myself- why the heck are we rereading this again? I think after this book I'll take a break from Tatiana and Alexander. I'll read a couple books in between and come back to the third.

******Added on after original review****** I still do recommend the book. I love the characters. The whole flash back thing is just not for me. I've never liked 'em. I also think that since the first book was so good -it may have set the bar too high.