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Unbeautifully  - Madeline Sheehan


Madeline Sheehan:
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You are a mad genius. This is the best sequel I've ever read. The way you intertwined the characters was brilliant. You managed to add so much to your story without making a complete clusterfvck. Bravo.

During this book I felt:
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photo Glee-Kurt-OMG_zpsb003c6d0.gif
photo kurtemotionaltwirlinggif_zpseec258cb.gif
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And at the end...
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I actually haven't been able to read another book since. How the heck do you follow that? Ms. Sheehan please hurry with the rest of the books! I'm suffering from Madeline Sheehan book withdrawals!!!

This is a 5++++ star read for me!

Simple Perfection (Perfection, #2) - Abbi Glines 5 bittersweet stars. ♥ :( review to come. Sniff, sniff. I do want to add: Woods, I ♥ you and I'd still pick you over Rush :P
Unattainable - Madeline Sheehan image

So all morning I've been trying to think of a review for this book and I just don't know that I can. Madeline Sheehan blows me away everytime with her writing. This story is gritty, raw, dirty, and filthy but in the mist of all this is infinite beauty.

I hope to be able to write a better review but for right now this is all I can muster: Fucken Brilliant.
A Little Too Far - Lisa Desrochers Well, I'll start off by saying this was a good book. It just fell short of my expectations. I can't go into too much detail without giving away spoilers. I'll break it down to how I felt while reading it and how I'd rate it.

At the beginning I was-
photo sweet_jesus_zps5e6a6312.gif
It was hottt! Loved the friendship and sexual tension between Trent and Lexie. This part of the book: 5 stars!!

Then she went to Rome and I was kinda like-
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The story started to lose me. The beginning of the trip was boring. I didn't really feel the sexual tension between Alessandro and Lexie. I know it was written there but I didn't connect to it. I didn't find it believable. This part of the story gets 2 stars.

Christmas break and back to Rome-
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It was ok- it picked up a bit. 3 stars.

The end I was conflicted. It was both-
photo bd2f324e_zps9efc482d.gif
photo tumblr_max8rymrcx1rpuj1d_zps86659ebd.gif
The end although exciting, was very rushed. I felt like I blinked and it was over. That's a cardinal sin for me. When I've already invested so much time into a story I want more than a simple "see ya later", which is kind of what I felt I got. I'll override the bad with the good- 4 stars.

I'll reiterate what I said at the beginning- this wasn't a bad book. I think it simply fell short of my expectations. Would I recommend it? Sure. Will I read book 2? Probably. So overall rating is 3.5 stars. Hope my review made some sense.
Double Full - Kindle Alexander HOLY SMOKES LOOK AT THAT COVER!!!!
photo alyssa-milano-fans-herself-gif_zps60b7a6d0.gif
Lick - Kylie Scott photo love_zps1e725948.gif
I'm going to keep it short. I LOVE this book. This story has great characters, dialogue, character growth, and steam. I originally shied away from it because of the whole "married in Vegas" story but it barely has to do with that. It was so much more than that. I'm so glad I gave it a chance. I most definitely recommend this book and can't wait for future books from this author! 4.5 stars ♥
Conflicted Love (Needle's Kiss, #2) - Lola Stark When I saw the release date is Jan 2014:

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Have an early release!!!!
Tattered Love (Needle's Kiss #1) - Lola Stark This book gives me a covergasm!
photo bigo_zpscbda9c41.gif

I really enjoyed this book! Review to come ♥

Burden of Breath

Burden of Breath - Ann Minnett Amazon Freebie 9/12/13
Very Bad Things - Ilsa Madden-Mills photo jon_is_disappointed_zps5d2469a6.gif

I'm conflicted on how to rate this one. After thinking about it more feels like 2.5 stars and going by how I felt and the Goodreads rating system I will round up to the 3 stars meaning:

3 stars - it means 'it really was ok, not very good, but I don't want to say mostly bad, either'.

This is one of the few times in which the Hero, Leo, was more annoying than the Heroine,Nora. Yes, she had issues and she did some dumb shit - but you know what that's part of growing up and self discovery. I found myself really rooting for Nora.
photo image_zps181e7f9a.jpg
I wanted her to succeed. I found her strength, vulnerability, and quirkiness endearing. I hated though how she was always after him. I'm all for going after what you want but come on, have some pride too. I hated that at the end she still needed to push him. After everything he put her through, IMO he needed to come to her. That almost rounded the book down to 2 stars.

photo image_zps293314cf.jpg
I understood where he was coming from but I found him weak and lacking. There were many positive attributes to his character but his constant back and forth and and the whole thing Tiffani just didn't sit well with me. I often found myself thinking: he's 25? I found Nora's actions more mature than his as the story progressed. I actually wanted her with either Sebastian (loved him!!!) and even Drew. Their relationship became an insta-love story gone bad. His actions cause me not to believe they were soulmates as they referred to themselves. Nope.

This author shows promise and I would read more of work in the future. Also, I do want to add, that what bothered me about Leo may not bother other readers- it's a personal thing. I'd encourage others to give this book a try.
Young Lies (Young Series, #1) - W.R. Kimble Amazon freebie 9/6/13
Fear of Falling - S.L. Jennings Geez, I was all over the place with this book. I even set aside and came back to it. I'm so glad I did. Love how this author was able to change my mind. 4 emotionally, healing stars! Review to come ♥
Hydraulic Level Five - Sarah Latchaw I almost didn't add this book to my TBR because of the low rating but then I saw it hasn't even been released. Why do people rate books before the come out???

Never Doubt Me (Judge Me Not, #2) - S.R. Grey As soon as I finished book 1, the first thought that crossed through my head is-
That book was crazy good!

My thoughts about book 2: I-
Give it to me-
photo tumblr_inline_mgzkb3wqNM1rzqzo8_zps8f715520.gif
I'll be praying to the book gods that this gets an early release!
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I Stand Before You (Judge Me Not, #1) - S.R. Grey IT'S LIVE!!!!


photo image_zpscac1b2ea.jpg

When I first saw this book I was excited that this book had everything I like:

Tattooed bad boy-
photo check_zps2d20ad41.gif

Heroine with a tragic past-
photo check_zps2d20ad41.gif

Warning that it contains graphic sexual situations, drug use, some violence, and profanity-
photo check_zps2d20ad41.gif

But what I got was so much more. This is the story of Chase and Kay. Two people who were broken by events from their past. Chase who lost his way following the tragic death of his father.
photo tumblr_mn26zqKz3Z1snlxwro1_400_zps25896420.gif
He drowned himself in a world of drugs.
photo drugs_zps8432c0a1.gif
That would ultimately cost him his freedom.

Kay was broken following a devastating accident.
photo tumblr_mdzpym2mBQ1risa1ro1_400_zps457d3683.gif
She has been left alone by those she loves most.
photo image_zpscc1bafbc.jpg

When the two stumble upon each other on a rainy day. They both begin to see that maybe they can be whole, that maybe they can begin anew.

"This is what we are, two broken people who when connected are made whole, made right. I feel this everywhere, my body, my heart, my soul."

photo tumblr_m6htgrFXKg1r6lim5o1_400_zpsa0729366.gif

Why did I love this book so much? Well, there are many books in this genre that have similar blurbs but many of them fail. Many fall under the cookie cutter insta love/insta lust shelf. Of course Chase and Kay are istanstly attracted to one another, but S.R. Grey really took care to develop their friendship and we were with them on their journey to get to know each other and fall in love. This story will make you feel every emotion. I felt that the dialogue and character growth were exceptionally written. My final thoughts-

photo tumblr_inline_mqw4tb4YNT1qz4rgp_zps90bc67c5.gif

ARC Provided by the author for an honest review.
Take Me On - Katie McGarry Another book in this amazing series!!!!!

So excited!!!!!!!!!

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